Friday, August 28, 2009

Old Dog - Puppy Dog!

Yesterday, I made banana and cherry ice-dream. My Mommy loved it!

After we licked the bowl, our neighbor friend, L came home and introduced us to the cutest bone-skinny dog - ever. His name ... was "Comet". He is already 12 years old and on a raw diet. Just like me. Except, I started half a lifetime ago!

I asked L if I could take the dog for a walk around the block and maybe let my friends pet him. Nick, Jerry and Sapoll sat down and petted the dog while he lay drooling. The dog ... I mean!!!

After 5 minutes, a cat on a leash, was being taken for a walk by its owner. Then, 2 dogs began padding up the street, towards the cat. They started growling and suddenly ... a harsh wind blew the leaves off of the ground. The western cat hissed, "There isn't enough room on this sidewalk for the both of us!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Out Of Hiding from The Not To Be Trusted Ministry Of Children and Families

Last week we had a raw lunch at Gorilla Food, with our new legal aid lawyer, Michael Bradshaw. My Mommy had an appointment with MCFD's lawyer; Robin Stuart and Marty Longstaff; the Ministry of Children and Families newest Social Worker on our never ending case. My Mommy showed up, even though she had hardly any sleep, from stress, and some food poisoning from unwashed tomatoes and onions from a neighbor's garden. Yummm... Our lawyer was seriously afraid that if my Mommy didn't go, even though she felt so sick, that they might just come to our house and apprehend me. I hid inside Chapters while my Mommy played their dirty game ...

I remember my scared and so courageous Mommy telling me how Micheal told her: "I trust Robin. But, I don't trust the minitsityr". Really gives us both a lotta hope. Nope! Which is why I am writing this blog. To protect myself and my dearest Mommy who goes through so much pain to deal with something that should never happen to any family, Mommy or 13 year old kid, who never asked for anything, except to be left alone to live in Peace ( like the sign we post on our front door ) with my AMAZING MOMMY!

It was nice of Michael to treat us to  a rawk'n lunch. He is so kind and we had a lot of fun. He even brought his bike. Later, my Mommy said that he told her: " Well, you and Kaelin are certainly very interesting and lovable". So, why doesn't MCFD stop harassing us like they have since I was in the womb ... 13 1/2 years ago. Is this the life a 13 year old kid wants? No! How would they like their own lives to be stuck under a microscope? That would really be scary!!!!

We are living in fear and no one should ever have to go through this pain and hurt, when all they want to do is live their rawsome life and love their AMAZING MOMMY!