Friday, August 28, 2009

Old Dog - Puppy Dog!

Yesterday, I made banana and cherry ice-dream. My Mommy loved it!

After we licked the bowl, our neighbor friend, L came home and introduced us to the cutest bone-skinny dog - ever. His name ... was "Comet". He is already 12 years old and on a raw diet. Just like me. Except, I started half a lifetime ago!

I asked L if I could take the dog for a walk around the block and maybe let my friends pet him. Nick, Jerry and Sapoll sat down and petted the dog while he lay drooling. The dog ... I mean!!!

After 5 minutes, a cat on a leash, was being taken for a walk by its owner. Then, 2 dogs began padding up the street, towards the cat. They started growling and suddenly ... a harsh wind blew the leaves off of the ground. The western cat hissed, "There isn't enough room on this sidewalk for the both of us!


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