Monday, December 28, 2009

What a Great Life I Have!!!

Right now, Im writing on my very own laptop! A gift from xmas and its an HP!
Its very fast for my mommy, who uses it more than me; doing blogs and checking her e-mails from all sorts of people from all over the world.

This wonderful Computer was bought by Greg (my mommys very old boy-friend that she met in the summer of 79) for xmas. Boy, was I ever grateful for it and him! After I went to with Santa and he bought it from Best-Buy in Richmond, we drove back to my place (he only stayed for 1 day ), because he wanted to leave, even thought he had told us would stay for up to 4 days, but he did not want to leave his house. Ha! He is staying in his moms basment! He said he was leaving because of our hours and our different lifestyle, so we let him.

After Greg left, we ate and went to bed, becouse my mommy told me that I could not open my present untill Xmas Eve. This was two days before ...

A couple days past and I finaly got to be able to open the computer!

When I got onto the computer, I found out that it had a USB Port and that we could connect a camera memory card right to the laptop. Boy is it ever useful!

Today I walked my amazing Mommy to her gym and then I played with some kids at the Community Centre. Then at 4:30 I went home to meet my Mommy and found out that the pants that I was wearing had my keys in them, so I went inside and had some tea with honey, and watered our plants.

At 5:30 my mommy came home and looked at tons of picures on her Canon EOS that Antoni bought her at Xmas, four years ago, for her job photographing an East Indian family in Richmond ( she hired me as her lighting man ).

Now I am going to have some home-made miso-soup and LET my mommy use the computer, since she has finished eating the bag of fresh hazelnuts I cracked for her. She has an amazing blog that she has to write!



Please enjoy these picures my amazing mommy took of me. :D

Friday, December 4, 2009

Today and Yesterday I got up at around 7-6a.m. and Today I got up at 7:00a.m. and made some tea.

Then I watched the sun rise and drew a picure of it with clouds all around it.

Then I showed my mommy it and she said it was amazing and that to do more, so I went back to the window to see if I could do any more drawings, but the sun was to bright to see any thing so I went outside and waited for my mommy to get ready to go to the gym, but then she went on-to the computer that a friend is letting us use it.

She was on the computer for an 1hr!

When I was outside, I went on my scooter and did little stunts and beat up a cardbord box.

Then I went back inside and my mommy was brushing her hair and was talking to a bunch of people on the phone.

Now I'm doing a blog and still my mommy is talking to a friend called David that we knew when we lived in north-vancouver.

After she gets off of the phone, I'm going to walk her to her gym then I'm going to going to walk to D.L.G.(David Lord Gorge) and play with a bunch of kids from Spare Time Fun Time(S.T.F.T).

I sure can't wait for it!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Today I played with a soccer team at the gym where my mommy was working out, I played for about 30mins and then I walked home.

When If was walking home, I slipped and fell on my but, boy did it ever hurt!

I manged to wobble home and call my mommy and drink some miso-soup.

(we started drinking it again because my mommy's massage therapist told her that her kidney is 70% down and to eat warm foods, which we can't because we are raw, so we decided to buy some miso-soup instead.)

When I called my mommy, I found out that she was almost home, she told my to get the heater on.

So I did and plugged it into the hallway, because we can't use ours, since out plug-in's are blown.

Too bad, I guess we'll just have to use our land-lords...

We would not even need a space-heater if our own heater was working, but this place is like from the 1900's!

Now I just ate a salad and am going to go to sleep...

Good night.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Full Moon Tomatoes

Tonight we rode under a full moon. Picking tomatoes and basil from local gardens. After an hour bike-ride from my Mommy's gym; where I ran around the track and played frisbee with some friendly kids.

My Mommy had a very long work-out and talked with an interesting girl who really liked my hand-painted jeans; that my Mommy thinks I should sell. Of course, my mountain bike broke down, just before the big hill. Which wasn't that great, because I had to carry one really heavy piece of steel the rest of the many miles home. 

Must be why it was fun to finally arrive back and prepare  banana ice-dream for my Mommy and I. Always eat your dessert before your main meal. I will include my delicious raw recipe for your own personal happiness. Everyone in your family will love it. As long as you clean up afiterwards!!!



Oops! I almost forgot ...

Kaelin's Vanilla Ice-Dream 

5 banana's ( peeled before putting in plastic bag and placing in freezer )

1 vanilla bean ( chopped )

Push frozen banana's and chopped vanilla bean through Champion Juicer ( what I use ...) or put into blender of food processor.

 5 mins to prepare. 

2 mins to clean up.

Less than 58 seconds to devour ....!!!!


Friday, August 28, 2009

Old Dog - Puppy Dog!

Yesterday, I made banana and cherry ice-dream. My Mommy loved it!

After we licked the bowl, our neighbor friend, L came home and introduced us to the cutest bone-skinny dog - ever. His name ... was "Comet". He is already 12 years old and on a raw diet. Just like me. Except, I started half a lifetime ago!

I asked L if I could take the dog for a walk around the block and maybe let my friends pet him. Nick, Jerry and Sapoll sat down and petted the dog while he lay drooling. The dog ... I mean!!!

After 5 minutes, a cat on a leash, was being taken for a walk by its owner. Then, 2 dogs began padding up the street, towards the cat. They started growling and suddenly ... a harsh wind blew the leaves off of the ground. The western cat hissed, "There isn't enough room on this sidewalk for the both of us!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Out Of Hiding from The Not To Be Trusted Ministry Of Children and Families

Last week we had a raw lunch at Gorilla Food, with our new legal aid lawyer, Michael Bradshaw. My Mommy had an appointment with MCFD's lawyer; Robin Stuart and Marty Longstaff; the Ministry of Children and Families newest Social Worker on our never ending case. My Mommy showed up, even though she had hardly any sleep, from stress, and some food poisoning from unwashed tomatoes and onions from a neighbor's garden. Yummm... Our lawyer was seriously afraid that if my Mommy didn't go, even though she felt so sick, that they might just come to our house and apprehend me. I hid inside Chapters while my Mommy played their dirty game ...

I remember my scared and so courageous Mommy telling me how Micheal told her: "I trust Robin. But, I don't trust the minitsityr". Really gives us both a lotta hope. Nope! Which is why I am writing this blog. To protect myself and my dearest Mommy who goes through so much pain to deal with something that should never happen to any family, Mommy or 13 year old kid, who never asked for anything, except to be left alone to live in Peace ( like the sign we post on our front door ) with my AMAZING MOMMY!

It was nice of Michael to treat us to  a rawk'n lunch. He is so kind and we had a lot of fun. He even brought his bike. Later, my Mommy said that he told her: " Well, you and Kaelin are certainly very interesting and lovable". So, why doesn't MCFD stop harassing us like they have since I was in the womb ... 13 1/2 years ago. Is this the life a 13 year old kid wants? No! How would they like their own lives to be stuck under a microscope? That would really be scary!!!!

We are living in fear and no one should ever have to go through this pain and hurt, when all they want to do is live their rawsome life and love their AMAZING MOMMY!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Marvelous Mother’s Meal

On Mothers Day, I made a Mothers Day meal for my Mommy. A bunch of dates and all sorts of neat stuff; vanilla bean, young baby thai coconut, coconut butter, and best of all …. cocoa nibs! Using our fancy red Vitamixer, we whirled up a concoction of tastiness. When I poured the magical mixture into two glasses, I layered banana’s and chocolate nibs in between the layers of love.

I gave my marvelous Mommy a fancy wine glass filled with her yummy gift. Excitedly, she said, “This is incredible! We should make these delicious drinks more often”. I agree. Wonder what I will make her for Fathers Day?



Yesterday, my Mommy bought me a beautiful badminton set. Now, all I need are 3 unsuspicious players …

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Pooping Butterfly

Today I saw a Monarch butterfly... POOP in mid-air. AMAZING! The winged wonder flew past my Mommy and  pooped on a bush. Earlier my Mommy saw a another Butterfly,  and it lightly brushed her leg. It didn't get the chance to do a good comb, though. She then giggled (which is not like her at all)!

Sitting in the burned-out grass, I wrote my affirmations ( 15o every day ). It's so much fun writing, because I get to say whatever I want! After The Poop Incident, my friend, Jerry biked by and asked, 'Kaelin, Can you play?' I answered, "Guess so. " My bicycling buddy replied, "Yaaaayyyyy-uff...!" Sort of a mix between dog and human.  I jumped onto the back of my friend's bike and we rode off into the sunset. We lived happily ever after... Nagh, we just sped off to the park to play with my other friends; Jerry Y (aka: Roundy), Michael (aka: Mith), Jerry (aka: Buck-tooth), and Me (aka: Kay-Gay - not my fave). My pals also noticed that I was wearing another one of my newly hand-painted t-shirt, and they exclaimed, "Wooow!"
My Mommy just came back from the gym and we just might watch "Slumdog Millionaire". Hope so!

Flying off now, to go poo with the butterflies ...



Right now I'm listening to "16 Tons" by Johnny Cash. He's amazing!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together - Saving Crow

Today my friends led me to their place to show me a baby crow that had a broken wing.
I decided to help. I asked my friends to get a crate for me. The kids came back with a big, yellow plastic box. I filled our new cage with leaves that littered the ground. I was really doing the environment a good deed! I took out a little cup thingy that I had in my pocket, that was supposed to be a wallet, if I found any money. Anyway, I filled it with water, put it in the little crate, and all of my friends CROW-ded around me trying to get a better look. One of the boys in the CROWd tried to pick up the injured bird, so  I warned, "DON'T EAT IT!" His reply was, "I'd  flambe it. But I'm not much for crows.."We all laughed. 

Soon, a girl named Paige came over and said "Well, its really calm around you, Kaelin. I've never seen anything like this, before". Later, we brought Ralph over to our place for the night. All-of-a-sudden, Paige became more persistent. 'He needs some popsicle sticks. Do you have needles? What kind of place is this, anyway?" is all I heard. She took the bird away from me and pronounced, "My mothers a vet. She has more knowledge than you!" I said,  "I'd like to take care of it for one night and see what happens". Then, she exclaimed, 'It's in shock! It needs help. It's gonna die!' So she took it away. I wish I had kept it...

The lesson I learned was to listen to your self and if it doesn't feel right, don't do it!


I started out my day, re-reading "Sean Covey's: " 7 Habits Of The Pro-active Teen". One habit he forgot to mention:  Always Speak Your Voice!


As I "Thank You" for looking after one of Goddess' creatures, my Mommy suggested I prepare my rawsome specialty: "Sweet Balls". Sort of like "meat balls", except I create my healthy dessert, using  rinsed pecans, blended with dates, raw chocolate nibs and vanilla bean. Organic, vegan, and filled with natural energy. Maybe you will get to try one, someday. Hope so!

The 3 W's .... Pedophile Alert!

"Some 89,000 children in the U.S. were Sexually Abused in 2002, according to one study.
Statistics indicate that the majority of women who have been raped know their assailant. A 1998 National Violence Against Women Survey revealed that among those women who reported being raped, 76% were victimized by a current or former husband, live-in partner, or date (Tjaden and Thoennes, 1998). Also, a Bureau of Justice Statistics study found that nearly 9 out of 10 rape or sexual assault victimizations involved a single offender with whom the victim had a prior relationship as a family member, intimate, or acquaintance (Greenfeld, 1997).

Please read "Abnormal Attraction" - page 76 of June 2009 Scientific  American Mind. The reason I am fascinated by this issue is because a middle aged guy followed me, the other day. For 1/2 hours I was so scared that I was going to be caught and... I was supposed to meet my Mommy at the gym, early in the evening, to go for a walk and buy groceries. Instead, I ran from the park to an Indian restaurant, where I finally managed to escape. I wonder if he lives in this neighborhood? He must have seen me playing with my friends. I hope I never see his ugly face, again!

I am posting this picture of another guy, of one of two males who came into our building, looked around, and then left. The other day, right after I woke up, I decided to go to the living-room to look outside. That is when I saw a fat, older guy, with a tattoo on his arm, and an earring. I ran back to my bedroom, grabbed my camera, and took a photo of him to show my Mommy.  She was impressed that I managed to take a picture of one more strange guy that just happens to be mysteriously showing up. My Mommy told me, " I am so proud of you". 

There's another known pedophile, living nearby. He travels around in a wheelchair, but he can really walk. I know this because our single Mother friend told us, after her son was sexually abused in a washroom by him, at the age of 4! The police were called, but nothing ever happened with the case. Since then, the kid, who its now 6, has been abused a few more times, by different men. Strange how you never hear or read about women being sexual deviants? Maybe they are too busy being raped. 

My Mommy said, " It's what I wasn't told that hurt me. Not what I was told!" Everybody should talk to their children and warn them about pedophiles. Who knows? Almost always, its someone that you know... I'll call my study: The 3 W's - Watching, Waiting, and Wanting! 
Don't wait. Talk to your children, NOW. Before it's too late ....


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Put The Lime In The Coconut

Banana's and Strawberries. Strawberries and Banana's. The two taste so good together, in the sun. Baking hot, on a June 5th heat-wave. What a way to start the day!

This picture is of me having a great time, slowly cherishing every bite. This reminds me of the forbidden deathly hazard: "The Banana Split". Let me tell you why this is a deadly hazard to your health. You will be split in half. Like a banana. And, eaten by a customer at Dairy Queen!!!

Now, if you eat a regular organic Banana, you will become taller. And, if you eat Strawberries, your complexion shall become rosier. Mango makes you fat. Avocadoes make you small. Coconut's make your head rock hard, like mine. Be sure and eat a lot of baby Coconuts. Your head will smell a lot like a baby's. 

Pinapple's make your hair a lot spikier. Who needs hair gel?  And if you put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up, you get a better attitude. See ya later, Alligator's. 

Warning: Eating cooked food will make your head explode. Not to mention your belly!


Wactch This...!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blazing Bubbles

Today my mommy and I went outside to sunbathe in the sun. I played with my bubbles... ^.^ Blew them out of this world! They looked amazing in the sunlight. My mommy took so many photos  ...  Well, only 2 turned out, because I ran out of memory. Not me ... The camera!

My mommy went to the gym and I went back outside to play with my friends at the park. Boy, is it fun playing grounders! All of my pals pass me cuz I'm soooo quiet. Once I was trapped in a corner and then... I ducked down, and made some noise. They went down to catch me. Then I jumped up onto the rail and ran ... Holy, did my friends laugh a lot!

My mommy just came back from the gym and as I was bringing her bike up the stairs, our old landlord called. For some reason he sounded like he was drinking.. He was asking for money. People want a lot from my mommy. Maybe they should all bring flowers!

Right now I'm listening to a new fave song; "Sixteen Tones." My mommy tells me she watched Lorne Greene on TV, starring in Bonanza, every week, when she was a kid. My mommy is blown away to find out he is also a singer. She loves his deep, strong voice. So do I!

Here's a pic of me blowing bubbles in the sun!


Sunday, May 31, 2009

The 'New World Disorder'

Yesterday I told my mommy that my friends and i talked about how we were never ever going to do drugs, EVER! She said that was great and we are an inspiration to all.

I have found a great new song NWO (New World Order) ITS AMAZING!!!
My Mommy and I Think that MCFD and the '1 World-Government' can suck the end of a raw fudgesicle. (double chocolate please...)!

My pals and I played for a long time at the park with tons of kids everywhere and then we biked around the school playing bike tag! I ended up winning over everyone.

Mommy and I might soon be watching a movie. I can't wait. We may watch a new release from the Internet or a DVD that we borrowed from a kind person that we know (no name to protect the 'pirate').

Signing Off...


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Eye of LOVE!!!!

Today my Mommy and I went to buy fresh, raw, amazing food. We walked along the railway ties, past the park, and through the bushes that I had to practically run down with my bike. After buying $150.00's of food, we had a picnic. Talk about malnutrition!

While my Mommy waited for a 50 lb apple delivery, I ran to the park to play tag with my friends. I had so much fun because practically all my friends were there. Mommy was supposed to go for a bike-ride and to the gym, but she decided to stay at home, glued to the computer screen. When I came home, her eyes were falling out of her head like little eggs. I had to gather them up, roll them back into a ball, bake them dry, stick them together, and soak them to get the moisture back. So, now my Mommy is almost all raw.

I'm listening to John Lennon singing, "Imagine All The People ...".

Hope you enjoy this silly video that my Mommy just made for me.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Kaelin The Grateful!

I am love! I am joy! I am Happy! I am Heaven! I am rich! Gratitude is just words, unless you feel it deeply like I do. To really feel the power of gratitude, you must express it in any way you can. That is the way I think of being grateful!
I think pure gratitude is giving.

A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes.

I appreciate the things I have!

Sometimes when you don't at first, have the courage to change, everything changes around YOU! No matter what, the universe molds itself around us to suit our purpose.

Focus is creating. Focus with love and be loved.

I am on the right road to the right place.

Yesterday I played a new game. I made up Blessed Tag. Boy, was it fun!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm sooo lonely...

I just took a video of my Mommy as Woody Allen, after we watched his latest romantic comedy.
SHE'S SOOO FUNNNYYYYY! Just wait until you read her booger... Oops, I meant blog. 

Tell her I sent you... 

Please leave your comments!   


Friday, April 10, 2009

Knock-Knock, Open Up!

*Pound-Pound* 'Open up!' said the 2 Vampires at the door. My Mommy quietly crept along the hallway to see who it was... And guess what? It was the Ministry of Children and Families! First, they came here at 11:20.a.m, , without an invitation or  appointment.  In 2hrs time,  they interrupted my Mommy's Peace, again ... This time, they convinced Trevor, our new security guard to unlock the door to get in, because they were "concerned". ! Totally not legal!

My Mommy was shocked. Not to mention, sitting alone on a chair, with a big towel wrapped around her. She'd just had her 3rd hemorrhage in 6 weeks. No wonder! The two social workers kept telling my Mommy they had to talk to her. Don't they even care? The new worker, Lisa, said, " This is really scary ...". My Mommy corrected her and told her, " There's nothing scary here. Nothing at all". Shut them right up! Boy, is my Mommy so smart!

Then, unhappy Heather asked ,  " Is Kaelin here?" . She told them I was at the beach. I left at noon to meet up with our good, old lady friend, Freeda. I played with the kids at lunch time, and on the beach, later. I bet they went searching for me, just like a couple of weeks ago, at the W. Van library, where Lisa came and said, "Hi Kaelin, I would like to talk to you for a minute". I told her, "You have 5 minutes". And, she only nodded. She asked me, "Does your Mother have rage problems?". I said, "No. My Mother is perfectly fine. She's beautiful. Perfect in all ways". I don't think she heard what she wanted to hear. After, she told my Mommy a totally different story. Trying to tear us apart,  like they did before... Now that is SCARY!

I wish the Monster Ministry would just leave us alone! Can't wait until I'm 18! Not that I am in a hurry. But, for this, I might be ....

Just wait until they find out about the new lawyer. If they are so worried about us moving, this month, not that we are not allowed the freedom to go anywhere we want. Isn't this a free country? 

Mmmmm..... Maybe I' m just around to make the ministry more money. I hope not. I hope it's to piss them off ...


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Go Monkey Man - Go!

A few days ago, my Mommy and I went to Marpole, to look at three places to live. We chose the first one, which was the best one. It is a 1000 sq ft - 2 bedroom, facing a beautiful tree, with windows in every room. The other two weren't as good. One was facing an alley-way, where I saw 2 people hosing down their dog!

After, we went to the park. And, sadly, we were late for the 'natural phenomenon' which happens five times a week, at 3:00 pm. The ringing of the school bell, where 100's of kids come streaming and screaming out of the school .... The best part was seeing my best friend, Alexander, and playing grounders, and basketball, for over 2 hours. 

We had our photo taken by my personal photographer and I was taller than him. A stair-step higher ...

After 3 hours of playing in the sunshine, I was a wee bit hungry. So, my Mommy took me to Gorilla Food Cafe, to fatten me up and eat me ... I had some soaked tamari almonds. Boy, did they ever taste good. Almost as the Chocolate Butterfly - with a walnut topping, that I devoured for a rawk'n dessert. 

Since we were only 2 hours too late to order dinner, my Mommy took me to Capers on Robson, to fill up my plate and starving stomach. Gotta feed that 72 ft intestinal tract with my great green salad and Cool Ruby juice!

And, for dessert ... One sizzling bath-bomb planted into a pot of water ....

Your going to love this video!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things That Go "Boom" In The Night

Yesterday, my Mommy and I saw a car going up in flames. When we saw  the fire, we were like; 'Oh... cool ... what is that called again...?' It was the very alarmed driver, who really alerted us, at the bus-stop near the Bayshore Hotel. We were boarding, when he said, "What the H... is that over there... Is that a FIRE?!' We turned around and there was a huge blaze over near the parking lot and everywhere, cars were driving away like maniacs. Interesting how no one had really stopped to notice.

Then, I said to my Mommy, "Gimme the camera! I'm go'in in!' I got in really close, it was so cool, but not for the people that owned the vehicle. Especially when a huge "BOOM" was heard and I saw dozens of feathers fly up into the air!!!

Hope you enjoy my close encounter of the warmest kind ...


Remember, I kept a bus-load of passengers waiting. Not to mention, some marshmallows close at hand ...


Monday, April 6, 2009

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Yesterday, my Mommy and I went to Langly to see a place where we were planning on maybe moving; with the Horse's in the  barn... It was a working farm; right near the U.S Border, along 0 ( Zero ) Ave! We where going to rent a 30 ft mobile home on wheels, in the middle of nowhere.

There was a firepit in the yard with a dog and a cat; both were trying hit each other. There were bull-frogs near the pond  ... everywhere.

The Landlady said that this was nothing, you sould hear them at night!

Hope you enjoy this video.

It's not too BAAAAAAAD!


Best Birthday Ever!

Saturday night My Mommy and I went Downtown to buy a camera for me!
It was my birthday and now I am 13!
We rode the Bee-Line to Vancouver and bought it at London Drugs; for only 155$, along with a bag and a 2g memory stick.
My Mommy also rented 4 Videos; Family Guy - Blue Harvest, Tommy Boy, The Incredible Hulk and my Mommy's choice; Hancock, because my Mommy and I both love Will Smith.

This is a Great Video/Pics Of My AMAZING MOMMY!

Giving my Mommy hand - picked flowers!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Visit of the Black Bugs

Once again; we are being Harassed by the Ministry and Jealous "People".

Once again, another MCFD worker(lets call her 'H') came and drilled in my Mommy with questions like; 'Where does Kaelin go everyday?'. " A Future shop employee has reported that Kaelin has been coming in at 10a.m and leaving at closing time." And, "Do you have "RAgE PrObleImS"?', "What happened 2 weeks ago... hmm?','Where is Kaelin right now...?' And, there is a known pedophile in this Building.... Did you know that...?'

She also kept on jerking her head towards the bedroom door thinking I was there, but I was supposedly at the beach...(not) And my Mommy said that they noise in the bedroom was just box's that were falling over (I wonder where I could have been...?).
My Mommy is also getting a lawyer to sue the Ministry and get huge money back from the life that was taken from us.
I think that our life should be worry-less and happy without damn BLACK BUGS trying to pry into our lives!!!

Now my mommy is maybe going to go outside for a bike-ride so that she can feel the wind on her face and get all those Pests off 'a her...

If I went to a Ministry office and talked to a person that worked there; I'd say....

'TAKE ME TO YOUR WEENIER"(Oops I mean 'Leader'.....)

T.H.H.L. aka Kaelin

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Roll'in in Poop!

Today, I saw a Family Preservation Worker, hired by MCFD ... Lets call her 'L'.
Anyways, she came in and asked to see me, I was already up and eating my 'Snack'...
I then made Cinnamon Rolls that tasted great,but, they didn't look like any kind of rolls I've seen in my life...
They were more like Giant Mountains of poop, but they tasted better.
She liked the cinnamon a lot!
Then she drank some Mon'a vi'e, and we all cheered to Personal Peace!

Today I also gave up Karate to do my blog... But I happily  said "YES!"
My Mommy is going for a bike-ride now, and I need to get outside, to play with my 20 something friends.(I hope I don't get stampeded!)
It just started to rain out, I think it'll make the sand harder; so I can run away from those Krazy Kid'z!

Oh, my Mommy is in the Kitchen Singing 'Jojo Was A Man But Thought He Was A Woman', at the top of her lungs with a butcher knife in her hand...I better run...!(Knife wizz's through the air and impales it's self in the wall, next to my head...)
My Mommy just threw me some nuts... now where did they go... I just love sleeping with my nuts!

T.H.M.L. aka:Kaelin

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not Just Another Walk Along The River

                                  This is just a little taste of what I have in store for you...

My Mommy took this picture of me in the woods, near the river, at Woodcroft, where we live. Such a wonderful  river to walk along ... every day!

After we moved into our  new place, we bought a mac. I played around and found out about photobooth . Hope you have as much fun cracking up ... as we did and still do. You can find more: 

                          Be sure and let me know how our crazy fun makes you feel.

           T.H.H.L. (The Happy Home Learner )

The First Day Of Spring

Today, I walked along the beach at 5:30 and played with 5 friends. First thing interesting that happened; I saw a white seal gilding in the ocean, seemingly looking at the people strolling along the Seawall. I also spied a squid... puffing round and around in the water, nothing happened really... not with the squid, anyways.

Later, I walked to the Library and had fun with all of my friends. We mostly talked about Runescape (This game we play on the Internet). I found a lot of good books ( Life of Romans, The Pyramids of Egypt, and Greek Gods ) that I would have liked to read, but my Library card seems to have disappeared...

After, I did more walking and walking and walking .... to Dunderave Beach. Next, to I.G.A, so I could eat a good Great Greens Salad! Later, I ran all the way back to North Vancouver, I think that's about 12 miles...?

I met my Mommy at home, making a another Kale and Hemp Salad with soaked almonds, for me. I told her that I had already eaten and she still asked me to eat some sprouts. Boy, did I have energy to go downstairs for a swim!

This is my first blog...

I hope it was entertaining...

Please comment!

K.T.H.H.(Kaelin -The Happy Homeschooler)