Monday, December 28, 2009

What a Great Life I Have!!!

Right now, Im writing on my very own laptop! A gift from xmas and its an HP!
Its very fast for my mommy, who uses it more than me; doing blogs and checking her e-mails from all sorts of people from all over the world.

This wonderful Computer was bought by Greg (my mommys very old boy-friend that she met in the summer of 79) for xmas. Boy, was I ever grateful for it and him! After I went to with Santa and he bought it from Best-Buy in Richmond, we drove back to my place (he only stayed for 1 day ), because he wanted to leave, even thought he had told us would stay for up to 4 days, but he did not want to leave his house. Ha! He is staying in his moms basment! He said he was leaving because of our hours and our different lifestyle, so we let him.

After Greg left, we ate and went to bed, becouse my mommy told me that I could not open my present untill Xmas Eve. This was two days before ...

A couple days past and I finaly got to be able to open the computer!

When I got onto the computer, I found out that it had a USB Port and that we could connect a camera memory card right to the laptop. Boy is it ever useful!

Today I walked my amazing Mommy to her gym and then I played with some kids at the Community Centre. Then at 4:30 I went home to meet my Mommy and found out that the pants that I was wearing had my keys in them, so I went inside and had some tea with honey, and watered our plants.

At 5:30 my mommy came home and looked at tons of picures on her Canon EOS that Antoni bought her at Xmas, four years ago, for her job photographing an East Indian family in Richmond ( she hired me as her lighting man ).

Now I am going to have some home-made miso-soup and LET my mommy use the computer, since she has finished eating the bag of fresh hazelnuts I cracked for her. She has an amazing blog that she has to write!



Please enjoy these picures my amazing mommy took of me. :D

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  1. I hope that ministry government agency leaves y'all alone, but in any case, stay strong standing up for your rights and not be intimidated by government. Keep the video camera rolling whenever they come around. Agents hate being recorded because they can't get away with their illegal actions.
    Also, thanks for the ice-dream recipie in the previous post. I tried it too and it is good.