Thursday, March 25, 2010

Solar Energy

Guess how solar energy works...

1.) Solar energy works by converting the sun's rays into electricity with the use of solar panels to supply power to the appliances use in our homes.

2.) Solar energy works by converting the sun's rays into heat with the use of solar thermal collectors for warming water, i.e. for the swimming pool.

3.) Solar energy works by converting the sun's rays into hot air for heating buildings with the use of solar thermal collectors.

Now, take a guess how the solar panels work.

1.) Rays of sunlight hit the solar panel (also know as a photovoltaic/ PV) and are absorbed by semi-conducting materials such as silicone.

2.) Electrons are knocked loose from their atoms, which allow them to flow through the material to produce electricity. This process whereby light (photo) is converted into electricity (voltage) is called the photovoltaic (PV) effect.

3.) An array of solar panels converts solar energy into DC (direct current) electricity.

4.) The DC electricity then enters an inverter.

5.) The inverter turns DC electricity into 120-volt AC (alternating current) electricity needed by home appliances.

6.) The AC power enters the utility panel in the house.

7.) The electricity (load) is then distributed to appliances or lights in the house.

8.) When more solar energy is generated that what you're using - it can be stored in a battery as DC electricity. The battery will continue to supply your home with electricity in the event of a power blackout or at nighttime.

9.) When the battery is full the excess electricity can be exported back into the utility grid, if your system is connected to it.

10.) Utility supplied electricity can also be drawn form the grid when not enough solar energy is produced and no excess energy is stored in the battery, i.e. at night or on cloudy days.

11.) The flow of electricity in and out of the utility grid is measured by a utility meter, which spins backwards (when you are producing more energy that you need) and forward (when you require additional electricity from the utility company). The two are offset ensuring that you only pay for the additional energy you use from the utility company. Any surplus energy is sold back to the utility company. This system is referred to as "net-metering".

It sure is amazing how sientists found this out.
I think Entain is cool now.



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just Us

This day was the best ever!
My Mommy loves the gym - and I can tell that she loves it by the way that she moans when she only gets a 25min workout.
Then I tell her that 25mins is better than nothing at all.
When I awoke at a time I can not say, My Mommy got me ready to go out side, giving me lemon-water and then E3 (its super spicy and super green).
E3 is a some kind of algae from some far away lake - full of anti-oxidotes and caesium. Its incredible that some little bottle of green powder could hold soo much power!
The lemon-water that my mommy gives me is for my G-I track - it flushes out your tummy for something yummy!
After I did all the stuff I needed to do, I went for an amazing walk for my amazingly incredible mommy, dropping off 'The Agora'(its a newspaper that my mommy is going to be writing in soon) at all of the door steps that my mommy and I passed.
A couple of hours before that I had stapled my mommys rawsomechef card onto the front of the newspaper - so my mommy was getting free advertising!
After I had walked my mommy to her gym, I walked to Choices and bought 3 raw bars for my mommy and I(2 for her and 1 for me), a bottle of water, along with 1 box of brocui sprouts.
Brocui sprouts are full of anti-oxidants too.
I then ran home and right away I called my Mommy - letting her know that I was safe and saying sorry for not calling her when I was at choices, like I was supposed to.
So I read until my mommy came home.
Then she arrived and I turned on the computer for her, setting up her blog and telling her what I had been doing.
Then Robin called and My amazing Mommy started talking to him and while she was talking to Robin, I was cleaning up the 2nd bedroom, (or as I call it - The Doomroom) but after awhile, I got onto the computer and now my mommy is eating a salad, finished talking with Robin, and I'm writing this blog.

I wish that the world would stay like this forever, no MCFD, no Neighbors, just us and our life that we have made into something amazing.

Just us.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

1st day Spring!

Today its the 1st day of spring!
I wonder what spring is going to be like...
When my Mommy and I were walking to her gym, we passed a bunch of tomato bush in a garden and my mommy told me that gardener's plant their seeds in the spring.
How fascinating!
Then after I dropped my amazing mommy of at her gym, I walked all the way to karrisale to swim, but i was 15 mins late.
Then I got some yu-gi-oh cards and I pulled a 41 dollar card!
What an investment!
Then I meet a very old friend and I played with him while my amazing mommy talked to his mom for 5hrs!

Now My amazing Mommy is going to write a blog of her day - I can't wait to read it, and you should too!

Here is my mommys blog; - be sure and check it out!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kids now'a days!

Kid's now'a days...
My (ex)friends always talk about Porn and Sex In The City (a tv show - just goes to show how glad I am that I don't own a t.v.) almost all of the time.
The only reason why I even kept them as friends was because they were good people when I left marpole, 2 years ago. Now I know that they are just ... I don't really want to say it.
Since they had been talking about porn, I decided to look it up... and I was disgusted with what I read from the description from many websites.
I now know how ugly the Internet has made innocence.
I feel almost tainted by it.
Porn demoralizes woman and puts them on the lowest of the low. That's the number one reason why I hate even the thought of it. It makes me feel ill.
I researched it more and saw what categories it comes in... I almost puked because of it.

What really makes it sad is because when my Mommy was on the computer, writing a beautiful blog about me, she saw what I had searched up and we got into a big misunderstanding.
Now I'm glad that its over with and done.

Just a note to all mothers and fathers, make sure to carefully monitor your child's Internet browsing, especially at a young age.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Genie

Today was a very interesting day. When I awoke at 12:30p.m. making some lemon and water (it cleanses your GI tract, at least that's what my amazing mommy told me), then I got ready to go along with my mommy to go for a bike ride.
I had promised my mommy that I would go for a bike-ride with her some day and so I did!
We biked all the way to Capers on 4th ave and bought 2 Pineapple's because they have a really big deal - only 2 for 7 dollars!
After that, we biked across the street and went into Saje, buying oils and a new steamer - The genie!
I can't wait to set it up, it'll be soo much fun!
After that, we biked all the way to Organic Lives and ate some raw vegan sushi along with delicious flax crackers and seed cheese.
Now I'm going to go to sleep!
Good Night!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


My Mommy and I went on a shopping spree and here she is juggling some oranges, just like she does with the rest of her life!
I wish I could be like that!

Today I played alot with all of my friends - Good Jerry, Jerry, Michael and Omond.

Boy, is it fun to play Tag, Team-tag and Grounders with all of my friends.
Anyways, when I awoke, I went into the living room and wrote some poems, then I heard my friends outside my window. I looked outside and a bunch of hands waving at me. They asked me to come with them and play at D.L.G., but I couldn't, because I still had not written my daily journaling pages.

So I finished my writing and ate some pineapple (I LOVE PINEAPPLE! PINE APPLE IS THE BEST! I SHOULD HAVE A TE-SHIRT SAYING IT!).

I ran to D.L.G. and met with my friends, and we played a bunch of games. After we played, I walked to Omond's place and called my mommy. Then I ran back home and waited 1hr for my Mommy to get ready to go to the gym for her daily work-out that she has not been getting lately. While I was waiting for my Amazing Mommy, we were called by my friend Jerry, and I made a plan to go and play with him after I walked with my mommy. I walked to Jerry's and played hide-and-seek out in the dark, it's the best!

I went home and called my Mommy, while eating a salad. After I did all of that, I got onto MY computer and was just about to play my new computer game: Civilization III, when my Mommy came home. What perfect timing!

My Mommy got onto my computer and started writing on facebook while I made her a salad. Now I'm going to watch some National Geographic and go to sleep.

What a fun day!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Vanilla Hemp Powder! Yum, Tasty!

Today I played with my friends at the park and the games we played were, School Tag which is about 2 teams of 2 or 3- and one team is it while the other one is not it and has to be caught. Boy was that fun!
The 2nd game is Grounders, where in a group of 3 or more, one person is "IT" and has to close their eyes when they are on the designated structure.
When the person that is "IT" is on the ground, they can open their eyes.
If they think if someone is on the ground, they can yell "Grounders" and who ever was on the ground is it, if anybody was there.
The 3rd game was Manhunt, where the person that is it has to run from a group of 2 or more, and when the person that is "IT" is caught, he (or she) can chose who he want to be it.

That sums up what I played today.
I was also invited to a birthday party, but I don't know if I am going to go...

Now I'm going to eat my Vanilla flavored Hemp Powder that my Mommy bought. That silly person.


Friday, March 5, 2010

My review on "SICKO"

Today I awoke at a time that is very early, and hugged my amazing mommy. Then My Mommy and I went into the living room to watch a movie called "Saving Grace". The Movie was about a woman who is a master gardener and has a gardener who works for her. The Master Gardener's husband just died and left her a huge dept to pay off. Her 300 year old house is being put out on the market and people keep on coming into her life and taking her furniture.

Grace, the Master Gardener, only has her gardener and she can't even pay him. So her gardener sits her down and Grace tells him that she would do anything for him, because he has been so kind to her in her hard time's. So he replies by asking her to come with him to the Church's garden to pick up some plants growing there. Grace finds out that the plants are really Marijuana and then she starts growing it to pay off her debt.

I guess I'll leave the ending for whoever is reading this to find it out.

Anyways, SICKO - the movie by Michael Moore, is about American health care and how its sooo expensive just to re-attach a finger, when you can just have it done for free in any other country. It is truly amazing.

Now I'm going to go and play Civilization 3.

I can't wait!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today I thank my Amazing Mommy for all of the great blogs she writes just for me and out life!

I Just love her soo much. When I got up today, I hugged her and made some Greens+ along with Lemon in water (not really in that order..) then I wrote in my jounal for 1hr and sat in the sun, thinking about what a beautiful day it was, when all of a sudden, a big dark glummy cloud passed over (under..?) the sun, blocking the warmth. I heard a moan, a groan and then a scream... a big truck tire smashed our window and though the jagged glass I glimsed a purple-lish pastey patch of skin. Then a tree crashed onto our house crushing it. Then it started raining Lavender drops of oil.

Then it turned into Lavender snow.

I Heard more moans down below me on the lawn, I peeked over and gasped. Where ever the Lavender oil hit, a Lavender patch sprung up!
I senced movement across the road. I looked over, and an Adult was walking with his umbrela over his head just walking, when he walked over to my side of the road, he saw something that startled him, dropping his umbrela.(maybe he had a bad nose or he didn't mind the smell of Lavender, but it was intoxicating for me.). He started to turn, but he was soaked with Lavender oil and it seemed he had just noted it. After he got out of thinking about it, there were nubs on his hands and face, then lavender sprung up from his skin!

He started to scr-

"Kaelin?" "Yes?" "Come here, please."

I went over to my mommys bedroom and showed her my writing and then I went outside and played with kids from D.L.G.