Wednesday, March 10, 2010


My Mommy and I went on a shopping spree and here she is juggling some oranges, just like she does with the rest of her life!
I wish I could be like that!

Today I played alot with all of my friends - Good Jerry, Jerry, Michael and Omond.

Boy, is it fun to play Tag, Team-tag and Grounders with all of my friends.
Anyways, when I awoke, I went into the living room and wrote some poems, then I heard my friends outside my window. I looked outside and a bunch of hands waving at me. They asked me to come with them and play at D.L.G., but I couldn't, because I still had not written my daily journaling pages.

So I finished my writing and ate some pineapple (I LOVE PINEAPPLE! PINE APPLE IS THE BEST! I SHOULD HAVE A TE-SHIRT SAYING IT!).

I ran to D.L.G. and met with my friends, and we played a bunch of games. After we played, I walked to Omond's place and called my mommy. Then I ran back home and waited 1hr for my Mommy to get ready to go to the gym for her daily work-out that she has not been getting lately. While I was waiting for my Amazing Mommy, we were called by my friend Jerry, and I made a plan to go and play with him after I walked with my mommy. I walked to Jerry's and played hide-and-seek out in the dark, it's the best!

I went home and called my Mommy, while eating a salad. After I did all of that, I got onto MY computer and was just about to play my new computer game: Civilization III, when my Mommy came home. What perfect timing!

My Mommy got onto my computer and started writing on facebook while I made her a salad. Now I'm going to watch some National Geographic and go to sleep.

What a fun day!


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