Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kids now'a days!

Kid's now'a days...
My (ex)friends always talk about Porn and Sex In The City (a tv show - just goes to show how glad I am that I don't own a t.v.) almost all of the time.
The only reason why I even kept them as friends was because they were good people when I left marpole, 2 years ago. Now I know that they are just ... I don't really want to say it.
Since they had been talking about porn, I decided to look it up... and I was disgusted with what I read from the description from many websites.
I now know how ugly the Internet has made innocence.
I feel almost tainted by it.
Porn demoralizes woman and puts them on the lowest of the low. That's the number one reason why I hate even the thought of it. It makes me feel ill.
I researched it more and saw what categories it comes in... I almost puked because of it.

What really makes it sad is because when my Mommy was on the computer, writing a beautiful blog about me, she saw what I had searched up and we got into a big misunderstanding.
Now I'm glad that its over with and done.

Just a note to all mothers and fathers, make sure to carefully monitor your child's Internet browsing, especially at a young age.



  1. Have you noticed that people comment on your mom's nude and "sexy dance" videos with things like "I want to fuck your mom" and "I'm jerking off right now"? People look at your mother in the way people look at porn actresses. Do you really feel tainted by that and not your mom constantly making you film her nude?

  2. Kaelin, your mom violated your boundaries with her too too open mindedness…she allures men to get their money even thoughshe does not "engage" only her cosest friends she engages with" and only you know how thisis done as you are often in the other room. So Kaelin your mom is complex she sees herself as a teacher someone with new many ways she is, but she is not sanctified…its all mixed up…feel good about yourself and understandyour instincts..they tell you when something is not kosher and even if you cannot protect your motehr your being there is a form of protection for her as she does not know her limits or when she needs to stop. She has used you…but you are also a man, you will one day have relationships that are intimate ( maybe even only one if you meet your soul mate) so it is not has to be shared in love to sanctify this gift of giving between a man and a woman. Neither your dad nor mother understand this sanctitity as they do not live "up " to it…but sweet you do! God belss you Kaelin and stop judgeing before you ahve experience in life..just respect your boundaries and instincts, they will not let you down. Also if your instinct is telling you that what your being exposed to is wrong…just leave till its over..she will GET IT…you are a man now…you cna leave till she behaves in a way that is resoectful to you and your boundaries. Do not let her pull you in between unless you HAVE to for safety reasons…she will have to tone down her own creation…she is all mixed up..don't you are her son, not her protector, father or husband…sh eis mother and she has to obey a form that is real..motherhood…she fails on many ocassions…just leave when this happens and return when she can behave. She was also disrespectfu l to her mother this haunts her..she needs to learn respect thisis her mothers message to her. Kaelin sex is sacred between two loving people. Thisi you will not know thru your mom cause her personality disorder does bnot allow her to really love. You do not get one too…hang around others who give youthe example you hunger for in your soul. God bless you…invite healing higher energies by asking privbately in your secret place for this guidance…you deserve it do not block it…in your heart..when you need it the most is when you are angry andhave allt hose bad feeling is when you need to go someplace quiet..and hear that inner wisdom..then feel confident that you got it RIGHT. enjoy your life Dear.