Friday, March 5, 2010

My review on "SICKO"

Today I awoke at a time that is very early, and hugged my amazing mommy. Then My Mommy and I went into the living room to watch a movie called "Saving Grace". The Movie was about a woman who is a master gardener and has a gardener who works for her. The Master Gardener's husband just died and left her a huge dept to pay off. Her 300 year old house is being put out on the market and people keep on coming into her life and taking her furniture.

Grace, the Master Gardener, only has her gardener and she can't even pay him. So her gardener sits her down and Grace tells him that she would do anything for him, because he has been so kind to her in her hard time's. So he replies by asking her to come with him to the Church's garden to pick up some plants growing there. Grace finds out that the plants are really Marijuana and then she starts growing it to pay off her debt.

I guess I'll leave the ending for whoever is reading this to find it out.

Anyways, SICKO - the movie by Michael Moore, is about American health care and how its sooo expensive just to re-attach a finger, when you can just have it done for free in any other country. It is truly amazing.

Now I'm going to go and play Civilization 3.

I can't wait!


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