Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today I thank my Amazing Mommy for all of the great blogs she writes just for me and out life!

I Just love her soo much. When I got up today, I hugged her and made some Greens+ along with Lemon in water (not really in that order..) then I wrote in my jounal for 1hr and sat in the sun, thinking about what a beautiful day it was, when all of a sudden, a big dark glummy cloud passed over (under..?) the sun, blocking the warmth. I heard a moan, a groan and then a scream... a big truck tire smashed our window and though the jagged glass I glimsed a purple-lish pastey patch of skin. Then a tree crashed onto our house crushing it. Then it started raining Lavender drops of oil.

Then it turned into Lavender snow.

I Heard more moans down below me on the lawn, I peeked over and gasped. Where ever the Lavender oil hit, a Lavender patch sprung up!
I senced movement across the road. I looked over, and an Adult was walking with his umbrela over his head just walking, when he walked over to my side of the road, he saw something that startled him, dropping his umbrela.(maybe he had a bad nose or he didn't mind the smell of Lavender, but it was intoxicating for me.). He started to turn, but he was soaked with Lavender oil and it seemed he had just noted it. After he got out of thinking about it, there were nubs on his hands and face, then lavender sprung up from his skin!

He started to scr-

"Kaelin?" "Yes?" "Come here, please."

I went over to my mommys bedroom and showed her my writing and then I went outside and played with kids from D.L.G.


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