Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Mommy Is One Of A Kind!

I can not thank my Mommy enough for what she has done just for me!
She has done things that a normal person would deem impossible.
She has loved me, dealt with me, and yet, still has enough soul-power to live.I am going to be forever grateful to her for making me into such a person as I am now.
In a world where she has found herself alone and without help, she's raised me for over 13 years and also made sure that she made money, just barely fitting time into her schedule for herself.

I have never met such a beautiful person in my life and never will again.
She is one of a kind.

My amazing Mommy has gone though many hardships that not even a million most loving, kind, compassionate and tender hearts put together could comprehend; that of which my mommy has packed away in her amazing soul,body and heart.


  1. I am so rawsomely blessed to have a brave and beautiful such such as yummy you and yours ... to share my life and love with!

    Thanks for having the courage at such a young and tender age, to tell the truth and speak your voice.

    Purely and Proudly,

    Amazing Mommy K

  2. I also notice you never talk about learning or anything. Do you realize you should be in high school right now? You're gonna go through life without a high school diploma. You don't even talk about your mom paying any attention to you. You just talk about how she ignores you and leaves you alone and helpless hours upon hours every day and then yelling at your for one thing or another. Then you mindlessly praise her on your blog. You can't be happy. If you don't want to live with her you don't have to. :(