Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nice People

'Aah...god, I can't believe I live in Marpole', was what I thought 8 months ago. Now Marpole stinks for me and my mommy. All of my nice old friends are now(excuse me for this...) stupid $h!t-heads. All they talk about now is how someones mother is supposed to be an (excuse me) escort. Then they fling F-words all 'round, calling their so called 'best-friends' retarded. No wonder they call them a 'Fri-End'.

Nobody really has a real 'Fri-End'(that I know of anyways...). They're all Friendanemy's. Sometimes you could be hanging out with a 'Friend', and then the next day your so called 'Fri-End' stabs you in the back (not literally).

So I learned a lesson, well, 2 lesson's really...

#1; If you have a 'Fri-End', don't give them important info they could use against you.

#2; Its not worth having a friend you can't trust, and if you do, then treasure them.



Family is the best, but, nobody can compare to your own Mom.

Remember that, and never forget it.

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