Monday, January 11, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

Today I had a great day with my amazing mommy.
When I got up,(I won't say when, but it was late...) My Mommy hugged me and said that she was going to take us to a movie!
So I jumped right up and made a straw-berry-raspberry raw milk shake. The ingredients were;2 strawberry's,
1/2 cup of raspberry's,
1/2 table spoon of raw delicious teheni,
2 half-frozen banana's along with
1 normal banana
and 1 cup full of revise osmosis water.
My mommy said that she loved it and then my mommy called Kendoll(Ken is our friend who my mommy met 6 months ago in the summer)
and asked him to pick us up in 1hr when ever she called him. Then Ken said yes and hung up.
So I got ready to go out. I boiled some water for miso-soup (everybody needs miso-soup for a movie) and my mommy asked me to look in the Georgia straight for a movie and I did.

So my mommy and I walked to Kerrisdale, called Ken, Went to the movie theatre and watched Sherlock Holmes while eating raw bars and drinking miso-soup.
Then we were driven home by Ken and Now I'm going to go to sleep.
I've Had One the best day's ever!


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  1. Dearest boy of magical mine,

    If only every child shared their happy heart ...

    You make me laugh with joy and cry with infinite happiness.

    Goddess-Bless you!

    LOVE Forever,