Monday, January 4, 2010

This Is For The Best Mother In The World!

Today I got up early at 1:30 p.m. and hugged my mommy.

Then my amazing mommy told me that she had went to sleep at 8:00 a.m, becouse she was on 'MY' computer, making blingy thingy's. She told me that her Blingy's are going to be famous.Her saying's like; 'Have a Rawsome Day!' and stuff ... are on them. I wonder what they look like... hmmm....

Anyways, I'm gonna have a great day with my great amazing mommy, I'm now going to walk her to the gym where she loves it. It's almost like her very own personal palice where she own's it, but she only visit's it.

My Mommy is just washing her face now, and I'm writing this blog onto the computer. I just love having my face washed by her, soo loving and kind. I can't belive that people on youtube are so mean to my mommy, they somtimes say that she looks like 'Ted Nuget', who ever that is, and also that she looks gay! Ha! Not one tiny biny little bit gay ever! And she Never Ever Will! No Matter What!

Anyways, My Mommy and I are now going to walk (that's my mommy) scoot (that would be me upon my scooter).


This is for my amazing mommy;


M - stands for the MILLIONS of favors she gave me,

O - stands for her being so kind that its almost like she's from some OTHER world,

T - stands for the TEARS she shed just to have me in this beautiful world with her,

H - stands for her pure HEART of unfailing love for me,

E - stands for her EYES that shine to always guide me,

R - stands for all of the RIGHT things she told me to help me.

Put them togther, they spell MOTHER... a word that means the world to me... I Love you mommy forever!

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