Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Mommy Is One Of A Kind!

I can not thank my Mommy enough for what she has done just for me!
She has done things that a normal person would deem impossible.
She has loved me, dealt with me, and yet, still has enough soul-power to live.I am going to be forever grateful to her for making me into such a person as I am now.
In a world where she has found herself alone and without help, she's raised me for over 13 years and also made sure that she made money, just barely fitting time into her schedule for herself.

I have never met such a beautiful person in my life and never will again.
She is one of a kind.

My amazing Mommy has gone though many hardships that not even a million most loving, kind, compassionate and tender hearts put together could comprehend; that of which my mommy has packed away in her amazing soul,body and heart.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

Today I had a great day with my amazing mommy.
When I got up,(I won't say when, but it was late...) My Mommy hugged me and said that she was going to take us to a movie!
So I jumped right up and made a straw-berry-raspberry raw milk shake. The ingredients were;2 strawberry's,
1/2 cup of raspberry's,
1/2 table spoon of raw delicious teheni,
2 half-frozen banana's along with
1 normal banana
and 1 cup full of revise osmosis water.
My mommy said that she loved it and then my mommy called Kendoll(Ken is our friend who my mommy met 6 months ago in the summer)
and asked him to pick us up in 1hr when ever she called him. Then Ken said yes and hung up.
So I got ready to go out. I boiled some water for miso-soup (everybody needs miso-soup for a movie) and my mommy asked me to look in the Georgia straight for a movie and I did.

So my mommy and I walked to Kerrisdale, called Ken, Went to the movie theatre and watched Sherlock Holmes while eating raw bars and drinking miso-soup.
Then we were driven home by Ken and Now I'm going to go to sleep.
I've Had One the best day's ever!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nice People

'Aah...god, I can't believe I live in Marpole', was what I thought 8 months ago. Now Marpole stinks for me and my mommy. All of my nice old friends are now(excuse me for this...) stupid $h!t-heads. All they talk about now is how someones mother is supposed to be an (excuse me) escort. Then they fling F-words all 'round, calling their so called 'best-friends' retarded. No wonder they call them a 'Fri-End'.

Nobody really has a real 'Fri-End'(that I know of anyways...). They're all Friendanemy's. Sometimes you could be hanging out with a 'Friend', and then the next day your so called 'Fri-End' stabs you in the back (not literally).

So I learned a lesson, well, 2 lesson's really...

#1; If you have a 'Fri-End', don't give them important info they could use against you.

#2; Its not worth having a friend you can't trust, and if you do, then treasure them.



Family is the best, but, nobody can compare to your own Mom.

Remember that, and never forget it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

This Is For The Best Mother In The World!

Today I got up early at 1:30 p.m. and hugged my mommy.

Then my amazing mommy told me that she had went to sleep at 8:00 a.m, becouse she was on 'MY' computer, making blingy thingy's. She told me that her Blingy's are going to be famous.Her saying's like; 'Have a Rawsome Day!' and stuff ... are on them. I wonder what they look like... hmmm....

Anyways, I'm gonna have a great day with my great amazing mommy, I'm now going to walk her to the gym where she loves it. It's almost like her very own personal palice where she own's it, but she only visit's it.

My Mommy is just washing her face now, and I'm writing this blog onto the computer. I just love having my face washed by her, soo loving and kind. I can't belive that people on youtube are so mean to my mommy, they somtimes say that she looks like 'Ted Nuget', who ever that is, and also that she looks gay! Ha! Not one tiny biny little bit gay ever! And she Never Ever Will! No Matter What!

Anyways, My Mommy and I are now going to walk (that's my mommy) scoot (that would be me upon my scooter).


This is for my amazing mommy;


M - stands for the MILLIONS of favors she gave me,

O - stands for her being so kind that its almost like she's from some OTHER world,

T - stands for the TEARS she shed just to have me in this beautiful world with her,

H - stands for her pure HEART of unfailing love for me,

E - stands for her EYES that shine to always guide me,

R - stands for all of the RIGHT things she told me to help me.

Put them togther, they spell MOTHER... a word that means the world to me... I Love you mommy forever!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Its New Years!

Its New Years! Its New Years! Its New Years!

At last! 365 days we all have waited and at long last we have been granted 2010.

The Spring, The Summer, The Fall and The Winter has passed and now to start all over again.

Its amazing what 1 year can do! I am so Happy that My Mommy and I are with one another on New Years Day. I am so Happy that We are Alive!

My Mommy and I celebrated by drinking some juice that I made with our new Jack Lalane juicer. It's super silent motor and the life-time guarantee; makes juicing our Carrots, Celery, Beets, Parsley, Garlic and our love for life!

This Year holds so much for everybody in this world; the 2010 Olympics and change...

I wonder who will be the 1st baby of the year, who will die, who will love and who will love the life that they have been granted by there parents who loved them and still do, the bee's that buzz, the hummingbirds that hum and the robin red breasts that chirp there lovely song to all and who will stop from there busy life that they lead and listen to the air, the waves crashing upon the shore and look upon the world that bears its fruits to all that will pick them.

Every-body has the will to fight, but will they fight for it?

My Mommy and I love what we have and always will, no matter what or who we will face in this amazing world that all live in.

We are Raw and Live with a lot to live for!

Now for what happened today.

Today my Mommy and I woke up early and went out side. Then we came back home, and now I'm writing this blog...

Such a really short day, eh?

Now my mommy is going to do a blog and then we are going to watch 2 movies for our New Years treat! Yaaaay!



I came up with this today;

I'm a threat to Humanity's Sanity.