Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just Us

This day was the best ever!
My Mommy loves the gym - and I can tell that she loves it by the way that she moans when she only gets a 25min workout.
Then I tell her that 25mins is better than nothing at all.
When I awoke at a time I can not say, My Mommy got me ready to go out side, giving me lemon-water and then E3 (its super spicy and super green).
E3 is a some kind of algae from some far away lake - full of anti-oxidotes and caesium. Its incredible that some little bottle of green powder could hold soo much power!
The lemon-water that my mommy gives me is for my G-I track - it flushes out your tummy for something yummy!
After I did all the stuff I needed to do, I went for an amazing walk for my amazingly incredible mommy, dropping off 'The Agora'(its a newspaper that my mommy is going to be writing in soon) at all of the door steps that my mommy and I passed.
A couple of hours before that I had stapled my mommys rawsomechef card onto the front of the newspaper - so my mommy was getting free advertising!
After I had walked my mommy to her gym, I walked to Choices and bought 3 raw bars for my mommy and I(2 for her and 1 for me), a bottle of water, along with 1 box of brocui sprouts.
Brocui sprouts are full of anti-oxidants too.
I then ran home and right away I called my Mommy - letting her know that I was safe and saying sorry for not calling her when I was at choices, like I was supposed to.
So I read until my mommy came home.
Then she arrived and I turned on the computer for her, setting up her blog and telling her what I had been doing.
Then Robin called and My amazing Mommy started talking to him and while she was talking to Robin, I was cleaning up the 2nd bedroom, (or as I call it - The Doomroom) but after awhile, I got onto the computer and now my mommy is eating a salad, finished talking with Robin, and I'm writing this blog.

I wish that the world would stay like this forever, no MCFD, no Neighbors, just us and our life that we have made into something amazing.

Just us.


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  1. This is quite disturbing. I've seen you and your mother's videos. Rest assured that you will be safe soon, as I've notified the authorities.

    You're mom's hot, by the way.