Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Today I played with a soccer team at the gym where my mommy was working out, I played for about 30mins and then I walked home.

When If was walking home, I slipped and fell on my but, boy did it ever hurt!

I manged to wobble home and call my mommy and drink some miso-soup.

(we started drinking it again because my mommy's massage therapist told her that her kidney is 70% down and to eat warm foods, which we can't because we are raw, so we decided to buy some miso-soup instead.)

When I called my mommy, I found out that she was almost home, she told my to get the heater on.

So I did and plugged it into the hallway, because we can't use ours, since out plug-in's are blown.

Too bad, I guess we'll just have to use our land-lords...

We would not even need a space-heater if our own heater was working, but this place is like from the 1900's!

Now I just ate a salad and am going to go to sleep...

Good night.


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