Thursday, September 3, 2009

Full Moon Tomatoes

Tonight we rode under a full moon. Picking tomatoes and basil from local gardens. After an hour bike-ride from my Mommy's gym; where I ran around the track and played frisbee with some friendly kids.

My Mommy had a very long work-out and talked with an interesting girl who really liked my hand-painted jeans; that my Mommy thinks I should sell. Of course, my mountain bike broke down, just before the big hill. Which wasn't that great, because I had to carry one really heavy piece of steel the rest of the many miles home. 

Must be why it was fun to finally arrive back and prepare  banana ice-dream for my Mommy and I. Always eat your dessert before your main meal. I will include my delicious raw recipe for your own personal happiness. Everyone in your family will love it. As long as you clean up afiterwards!!!



Oops! I almost forgot ...

Kaelin's Vanilla Ice-Dream 

5 banana's ( peeled before putting in plastic bag and placing in freezer )

1 vanilla bean ( chopped )

Push frozen banana's and chopped vanilla bean through Champion Juicer ( what I use ...) or put into blender of food processor.

 5 mins to prepare. 

2 mins to clean up.

Less than 58 seconds to devour ....!!!!


1 comment:

  1. You are one Rawsome and most magically shining Son!

    Before the warming sun melts MY ice-dream ... felt it best to share the truth ... one more happy heart-beat of a blessedly beautiful time!

    Inspired by YOU and OUR love,

    Amazing Mommy