Friday, December 4, 2009

Today and Yesterday I got up at around 7-6a.m. and Today I got up at 7:00a.m. and made some tea.

Then I watched the sun rise and drew a picure of it with clouds all around it.

Then I showed my mommy it and she said it was amazing and that to do more, so I went back to the window to see if I could do any more drawings, but the sun was to bright to see any thing so I went outside and waited for my mommy to get ready to go to the gym, but then she went on-to the computer that a friend is letting us use it.

She was on the computer for an 1hr!

When I was outside, I went on my scooter and did little stunts and beat up a cardbord box.

Then I went back inside and my mommy was brushing her hair and was talking to a bunch of people on the phone.

Now I'm doing a blog and still my mommy is talking to a friend called David that we knew when we lived in north-vancouver.

After she gets off of the phone, I'm going to walk her to her gym then I'm going to going to walk to D.L.G.(David Lord Gorge) and play with a bunch of kids from Spare Time Fun Time(S.T.F.T).

I sure can't wait for it!


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