Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Eye of LOVE!!!!

Today my Mommy and I went to buy fresh, raw, amazing food. We walked along the railway ties, past the park, and through the bushes that I had to practically run down with my bike. After buying $150.00's of food, we had a picnic. Talk about malnutrition!

While my Mommy waited for a 50 lb apple delivery, I ran to the park to play tag with my friends. I had so much fun because practically all my friends were there. Mommy was supposed to go for a bike-ride and to the gym, but she decided to stay at home, glued to the computer screen. When I came home, her eyes were falling out of her head like little eggs. I had to gather them up, roll them back into a ball, bake them dry, stick them together, and soak them to get the moisture back. So, now my Mommy is almost all raw.

I'm listening to John Lennon singing, "Imagine All The People ...".

Hope you enjoy this silly video that my Mommy just made for me.


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