Sunday, May 31, 2009

The 'New World Disorder'

Yesterday I told my mommy that my friends and i talked about how we were never ever going to do drugs, EVER! She said that was great and we are an inspiration to all.

I have found a great new song NWO (New World Order) ITS AMAZING!!!
My Mommy and I Think that MCFD and the '1 World-Government' can suck the end of a raw fudgesicle. (double chocolate please...)!

My pals and I played for a long time at the park with tons of kids everywhere and then we biked around the school playing bike tag! I ended up winning over everyone.

Mommy and I might soon be watching a movie. I can't wait. We may watch a new release from the Internet or a DVD that we borrowed from a kind person that we know (no name to protect the 'pirate').

Signing Off...


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