Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blazing Bubbles

Today my mommy and I went outside to sunbathe in the sun. I played with my bubbles... ^.^ Blew them out of this world! They looked amazing in the sunlight. My mommy took so many photos  ...  Well, only 2 turned out, because I ran out of memory. Not me ... The camera!

My mommy went to the gym and I went back outside to play with my friends at the park. Boy, is it fun playing grounders! All of my pals pass me cuz I'm soooo quiet. Once I was trapped in a corner and then... I ducked down, and made some noise. They went down to catch me. Then I jumped up onto the rail and ran ... Holy, did my friends laugh a lot!

My mommy just came back from the gym and as I was bringing her bike up the stairs, our old landlord called. For some reason he sounded like he was drinking.. He was asking for money. People want a lot from my mommy. Maybe they should all bring flowers!

Right now I'm listening to a new fave song; "Sixteen Tones." My mommy tells me she watched Lorne Greene on TV, starring in Bonanza, every week, when she was a kid. My mommy is blown away to find out he is also a singer. She loves his deep, strong voice. So do I!

Here's a pic of me blowing bubbles in the sun!


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