Saturday, June 20, 2009

Marvelous Mother’s Meal

On Mothers Day, I made a Mothers Day meal for my Mommy. A bunch of dates and all sorts of neat stuff; vanilla bean, young baby thai coconut, coconut butter, and best of all …. cocoa nibs! Using our fancy red Vitamixer, we whirled up a concoction of tastiness. When I poured the magical mixture into two glasses, I layered banana’s and chocolate nibs in between the layers of love.

I gave my marvelous Mommy a fancy wine glass filled with her yummy gift. Excitedly, she said, “This is incredible! We should make these delicious drinks more often”. I agree. Wonder what I will make her for Fathers Day?



Yesterday, my Mommy bought me a beautiful badminton set. Now, all I need are 3 unsuspicious players …

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