Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Pooping Butterfly

Today I saw a Monarch butterfly... POOP in mid-air. AMAZING! The winged wonder flew past my Mommy and  pooped on a bush. Earlier my Mommy saw a another Butterfly,  and it lightly brushed her leg. It didn't get the chance to do a good comb, though. She then giggled (which is not like her at all)!

Sitting in the burned-out grass, I wrote my affirmations ( 15o every day ). It's so much fun writing, because I get to say whatever I want! After The Poop Incident, my friend, Jerry biked by and asked, 'Kaelin, Can you play?' I answered, "Guess so. " My bicycling buddy replied, "Yaaaayyyyy-uff...!" Sort of a mix between dog and human.  I jumped onto the back of my friend's bike and we rode off into the sunset. We lived happily ever after... Nagh, we just sped off to the park to play with my other friends; Jerry Y (aka: Roundy), Michael (aka: Mith), Jerry (aka: Buck-tooth), and Me (aka: Kay-Gay - not my fave). My pals also noticed that I was wearing another one of my newly hand-painted t-shirt, and they exclaimed, "Wooow!"
My Mommy just came back from the gym and we just might watch "Slumdog Millionaire". Hope so!

Flying off now, to go poo with the butterflies ...



Right now I'm listening to "16 Tons" by Johnny Cash. He's amazing!

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