Monday, June 8, 2009

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together - Saving Crow

Today my friends led me to their place to show me a baby crow that had a broken wing.
I decided to help. I asked my friends to get a crate for me. The kids came back with a big, yellow plastic box. I filled our new cage with leaves that littered the ground. I was really doing the environment a good deed! I took out a little cup thingy that I had in my pocket, that was supposed to be a wallet, if I found any money. Anyway, I filled it with water, put it in the little crate, and all of my friends CROW-ded around me trying to get a better look. One of the boys in the CROWd tried to pick up the injured bird, so  I warned, "DON'T EAT IT!" His reply was, "I'd  flambe it. But I'm not much for crows.."We all laughed. 

Soon, a girl named Paige came over and said "Well, its really calm around you, Kaelin. I've never seen anything like this, before". Later, we brought Ralph over to our place for the night. All-of-a-sudden, Paige became more persistent. 'He needs some popsicle sticks. Do you have needles? What kind of place is this, anyway?" is all I heard. She took the bird away from me and pronounced, "My mothers a vet. She has more knowledge than you!" I said,  "I'd like to take care of it for one night and see what happens". Then, she exclaimed, 'It's in shock! It needs help. It's gonna die!' So she took it away. I wish I had kept it...

The lesson I learned was to listen to your self and if it doesn't feel right, don't do it!


I started out my day, re-reading "Sean Covey's: " 7 Habits Of The Pro-active Teen". One habit he forgot to mention:  Always Speak Your Voice!


As I "Thank You" for looking after one of Goddess' creatures, my Mommy suggested I prepare my rawsome specialty: "Sweet Balls". Sort of like "meat balls", except I create my healthy dessert, using  rinsed pecans, blended with dates, raw chocolate nibs and vanilla bean. Organic, vegan, and filled with natural energy. Maybe you will get to try one, someday. Hope so!

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