Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Roll'in in Poop!

Today, I saw a Family Preservation Worker, hired by MCFD ... Lets call her 'L'.
Anyways, she came in and asked to see me, I was already up and eating my 'Snack'...
I then made Cinnamon Rolls that tasted great,but, they didn't look like any kind of rolls I've seen in my life...
They were more like Giant Mountains of poop, but they tasted better.
She liked the cinnamon a lot!
Then she drank some Mon'a vi'e, and we all cheered to Personal Peace!

Today I also gave up Karate to do my blog... But I happily  said "YES!"
My Mommy is going for a bike-ride now, and I need to get outside, to play with my 20 something friends.(I hope I don't get stampeded!)
It just started to rain out, I think it'll make the sand harder; so I can run away from those Krazy Kid'z!

Oh, my Mommy is in the Kitchen Singing 'Jojo Was A Man But Thought He Was A Woman', at the top of her lungs with a butcher knife in her hand...I better run...!(Knife wizz's through the air and impales it's self in the wall, next to my head...)
My Mommy just threw me some nuts... now where did they go... I just love sleeping with my nuts!

T.H.M.L. aka:Kaelin

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