Thursday, March 26, 2009

Visit of the Black Bugs

Once again; we are being Harassed by the Ministry and Jealous "People".

Once again, another MCFD worker(lets call her 'H') came and drilled in my Mommy with questions like; 'Where does Kaelin go everyday?'. " A Future shop employee has reported that Kaelin has been coming in at 10a.m and leaving at closing time." And, "Do you have "RAgE PrObleImS"?', "What happened 2 weeks ago... hmm?','Where is Kaelin right now...?' And, there is a known pedophile in this Building.... Did you know that...?'

She also kept on jerking her head towards the bedroom door thinking I was there, but I was supposedly at the beach...(not) And my Mommy said that they noise in the bedroom was just box's that were falling over (I wonder where I could have been...?).
My Mommy is also getting a lawyer to sue the Ministry and get huge money back from the life that was taken from us.
I think that our life should be worry-less and happy without damn BLACK BUGS trying to pry into our lives!!!

Now my mommy is maybe going to go outside for a bike-ride so that she can feel the wind on her face and get all those Pests off 'a her...

If I went to a Ministry office and talked to a person that worked there; I'd say....

'TAKE ME TO YOUR WEENIER"(Oops I mean 'Leader'.....)

T.H.H.L. aka Kaelin

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