Sunday, March 22, 2009

The First Day Of Spring

Today, I walked along the beach at 5:30 and played with 5 friends. First thing interesting that happened; I saw a white seal gilding in the ocean, seemingly looking at the people strolling along the Seawall. I also spied a squid... puffing round and around in the water, nothing happened really... not with the squid, anyways.

Later, I walked to the Library and had fun with all of my friends. We mostly talked about Runescape (This game we play on the Internet). I found a lot of good books ( Life of Romans, The Pyramids of Egypt, and Greek Gods ) that I would have liked to read, but my Library card seems to have disappeared...

After, I did more walking and walking and walking .... to Dunderave Beach. Next, to I.G.A, so I could eat a good Great Greens Salad! Later, I ran all the way back to North Vancouver, I think that's about 12 miles...?

I met my Mommy at home, making a another Kale and Hemp Salad with soaked almonds, for me. I told her that I had already eaten and she still asked me to eat some sprouts. Boy, did I have energy to go downstairs for a swim!

This is my first blog...

I hope it was entertaining...

Please comment!

K.T.H.H.(Kaelin -The Happy Homeschooler)

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