Thursday, April 9, 2009

Go Monkey Man - Go!

A few days ago, my Mommy and I went to Marpole, to look at three places to live. We chose the first one, which was the best one. It is a 1000 sq ft - 2 bedroom, facing a beautiful tree, with windows in every room. The other two weren't as good. One was facing an alley-way, where I saw 2 people hosing down their dog!

After, we went to the park. And, sadly, we were late for the 'natural phenomenon' which happens five times a week, at 3:00 pm. The ringing of the school bell, where 100's of kids come streaming and screaming out of the school .... The best part was seeing my best friend, Alexander, and playing grounders, and basketball, for over 2 hours. 

We had our photo taken by my personal photographer and I was taller than him. A stair-step higher ...

After 3 hours of playing in the sunshine, I was a wee bit hungry. So, my Mommy took me to Gorilla Food Cafe, to fatten me up and eat me ... I had some soaked tamari almonds. Boy, did they ever taste good. Almost as the Chocolate Butterfly - with a walnut topping, that I devoured for a rawk'n dessert. 

Since we were only 2 hours too late to order dinner, my Mommy took me to Capers on Robson, to fill up my plate and starving stomach. Gotta feed that 72 ft intestinal tract with my great green salad and Cool Ruby juice!

And, for dessert ... One sizzling bath-bomb planted into a pot of water ....

Your going to love this video!


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