Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things That Go "Boom" In The Night

Yesterday, my Mommy and I saw a car going up in flames. When we saw  the fire, we were like; 'Oh... cool ... what is that called again...?' It was the very alarmed driver, who really alerted us, at the bus-stop near the Bayshore Hotel. We were boarding, when he said, "What the H... is that over there... Is that a FIRE?!' We turned around and there was a huge blaze over near the parking lot and everywhere, cars were driving away like maniacs. Interesting how no one had really stopped to notice.

Then, I said to my Mommy, "Gimme the camera! I'm go'in in!' I got in really close, it was so cool, but not for the people that owned the vehicle. Especially when a huge "BOOM" was heard and I saw dozens of feathers fly up into the air!!!

Hope you enjoy my close encounter of the warmest kind ...


Remember, I kept a bus-load of passengers waiting. Not to mention, some marshmallows close at hand ...


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