Saturday, November 20, 2010

1st Snow Of The Season

Today I looked out from our living room window while on the computer, and saw a big gray sky.

Then the second time I looked out, I saw Snow silently falling onto Earth, shrouding it in silence.

It was Amazing to behold, Millions of Snow Flakes falling from the sky, resting upon cars and street lamps.

I felt like the world was asleep, and the trees where growing white, while the lawn below us, was still green.

The only thing that could of perfected this scean would be an ol' snow man, wearing big silk top hat on it's head.

I can only wish that it snows more this year, before the rain sweeps in again and turns it all to slush.



  1. Kaelin, I've seen you star in many of your mothers videos, and I admire you. You come across as a very calm and pleasant young man. What I read here seems to confirm this. Keep on posting!

  2. Dear Kaelin,

    i am so sorry that those very unhappy youth, on youtube ... are attempting to exploit you for their unrequited unhappiness.

    YOU are a very precious jewel - always remember this.

    The two 14 year old hackers who run are responsible for much of our more recent troubles, sadly.

    Probably, the same .. who did this blasphemy on your beautiful blog, too.

    Thank you for being such an kind and mild-mannered soaring soul.

    You are truly THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!

    unconditionally loving you - forever,

    momma K


    According to the DSM You have a classic case of a 'Histrionic pesonality disorder' and you cannot deny any of the symptoms. As a psychologist I suggest you get help; it negatively effects you and those around you, including your son.

    If you do reply, actually refer to my comment, instead of using a 'knee-jerk' reaction that tries to undermine and demean me, I am trying to help. Also most of the time you do not say anything of importance but just attempt to sound impressive and grandiose, try to avoid this too.

  4. your writing is terrible

  5. Reading my son's lovely heart .. mine .. rejoices in ONE.. reading without noises: ie -a follower named James and how he only applauds a boy who speaks his innocent truth.

    May more .. rise up in consciousness, to positively affirm my son's heroic efforts to simply be - real!

    A Magical Mom who cares about her Son