Thursday, March 26, 2009

Visit of the Black Bugs

Once again; we are being Harassed by the Ministry and Jealous "People".

Once again, another MCFD worker(lets call her 'H') came and drilled in my Mommy with questions like; 'Where does Kaelin go everyday?'. " A Future shop employee has reported that Kaelin has been coming in at 10a.m and leaving at closing time." And, "Do you have "RAgE PrObleImS"?', "What happened 2 weeks ago... hmm?','Where is Kaelin right now...?' And, there is a known pedophile in this Building.... Did you know that...?'

She also kept on jerking her head towards the bedroom door thinking I was there, but I was supposedly at the beach...(not) And my Mommy said that they noise in the bedroom was just box's that were falling over (I wonder where I could have been...?).
My Mommy is also getting a lawyer to sue the Ministry and get huge money back from the life that was taken from us.
I think that our life should be worry-less and happy without damn BLACK BUGS trying to pry into our lives!!!

Now my mommy is maybe going to go outside for a bike-ride so that she can feel the wind on her face and get all those Pests off 'a her...

If I went to a Ministry office and talked to a person that worked there; I'd say....

'TAKE ME TO YOUR WEENIER"(Oops I mean 'Leader'.....)

T.H.H.L. aka Kaelin

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Roll'in in Poop!

Today, I saw a Family Preservation Worker, hired by MCFD ... Lets call her 'L'.
Anyways, she came in and asked to see me, I was already up and eating my 'Snack'...
I then made Cinnamon Rolls that tasted great,but, they didn't look like any kind of rolls I've seen in my life...
They were more like Giant Mountains of poop, but they tasted better.
She liked the cinnamon a lot!
Then she drank some Mon'a vi'e, and we all cheered to Personal Peace!

Today I also gave up Karate to do my blog... But I happily  said "YES!"
My Mommy is going for a bike-ride now, and I need to get outside, to play with my 20 something friends.(I hope I don't get stampeded!)
It just started to rain out, I think it'll make the sand harder; so I can run away from those Krazy Kid'z!

Oh, my Mommy is in the Kitchen Singing 'Jojo Was A Man But Thought He Was A Woman', at the top of her lungs with a butcher knife in her hand...I better run...!(Knife wizz's through the air and impales it's self in the wall, next to my head...)
My Mommy just threw me some nuts... now where did they go... I just love sleeping with my nuts!

T.H.M.L. aka:Kaelin

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not Just Another Walk Along The River

                                  This is just a little taste of what I have in store for you...

My Mommy took this picture of me in the woods, near the river, at Woodcroft, where we live. Such a wonderful  river to walk along ... every day!

After we moved into our  new place, we bought a mac. I played around and found out about photobooth . Hope you have as much fun cracking up ... as we did and still do. You can find more: 

                          Be sure and let me know how our crazy fun makes you feel.

           T.H.H.L. (The Happy Home Learner )

The First Day Of Spring

Today, I walked along the beach at 5:30 and played with 5 friends. First thing interesting that happened; I saw a white seal gilding in the ocean, seemingly looking at the people strolling along the Seawall. I also spied a squid... puffing round and around in the water, nothing happened really... not with the squid, anyways.

Later, I walked to the Library and had fun with all of my friends. We mostly talked about Runescape (This game we play on the Internet). I found a lot of good books ( Life of Romans, The Pyramids of Egypt, and Greek Gods ) that I would have liked to read, but my Library card seems to have disappeared...

After, I did more walking and walking and walking .... to Dunderave Beach. Next, to I.G.A, so I could eat a good Great Greens Salad! Later, I ran all the way back to North Vancouver, I think that's about 12 miles...?

I met my Mommy at home, making a another Kale and Hemp Salad with soaked almonds, for me. I told her that I had already eaten and she still asked me to eat some sprouts. Boy, did I have energy to go downstairs for a swim!

This is my first blog...

I hope it was entertaining...

Please comment!

K.T.H.H.(Kaelin -The Happy Homeschooler)