Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blue Berry Jelly-o-Jam + Vancouver Under Cover fuzz :D

Today when I awoke at _______P.M, I did all that was needed of me and Then I went outside, played with some of my friends that I had left... (for people that want to know, having only 127 friends isn't allot for me +_+)
After I Played for 2hrs I came home and hugged my mommy that was super tired cuz she went to bed at 9:30a.m. and so I hugged her once more and we went out to the front lawn to talk.
When we were walking out the backdoor, my mommy crushed my left hand fingers in the door, so that's why I'mmm wrriittingg soo sllooww...
Then we got onto the front lawn and the Fuzz came by and asked us to let them in the building, so we did and then after they were inside, I walked around and then while I was walking, I was stopped by some Hot Dog lady asking me if I was alright and if I was feeling well, and I said I'm doing fine and asked her who she was and she told me that she was with the fuzz...
How strange is that?!
Then I came straight home and told my mommy what happened and she said that we have to leave soon, i agreed.
After that, I went down stairs to get charlie and draw with him. When he came up with me to our place, we drew and had some miso soup and then we went into the doomroom while my mommy was talking to out new landlady.
When Charlie left, I got onto the computer, downloaded videos onto

The Blue Berry Jelly-0-Jam

2 cups of frozen blueberry's
1/2 cup of ice
1/2 peach
2 tlbs Honey

Blend until smooth and leave it in the fridge for up too 3hrs.



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