Friday, August 27, 2010

My Hair!!

Today My hair was cut, by 3 16year olds, in an ally way on my way to healthy and happy living - the new Organic store on Granville.
Any ways, when I was walking along the ally, a car drove by and then about 1 minute later, 3 teenagers surrounded me and restrained me, cutting my Hair.
Now my mommy Is soo upset and is crying because of what happened, boy did that ever suck!
My mommy also called the cops and they came by in a swat truck and asked a bunch of questions about what happened and about the people, so i told them and then my mommy was stopping a lot of random people and telling them not to walk in the alley-ways cuz there was a gang, then she stopped this RED head and started talking to her about The Agora ( and about how we where going to have a huge ceremony with beads and stuff in my hair.

Now my mommy just left and went to get food instead of me.
Its been 2hrs sense my mommy left to get food and now I'm wondering where she went!?!?
Now I'm going to download some videos onto youtube.




  1. Kaelin The Courageous: my new name for you, my sweet and shining Son!

    After being assaulted by 3 older teens in a nearby alley, at daylight, and returning home to report the traumatic incident, with your lifeless 2 ft beautiful braid limply laying in your loving hand - you are officially MY HERO!!!

    Thank you, blessed boy, for remaining calm and collected, in the face of adversity that has so often stared you right in the kind and loving eye.

    I am grateful and honored to call my most magical self - your "Amazing Mommy".

    Anyone who knows you is a better person!

    As am I.


    Momma K

  2. yes Katherine you are fortunate that he is an old soul..he has saved your ass..ets….let him be if he wants horter hair let it be…I do not bleieve that this happened really but if thisis what makes you allow it, then fine. If he does lie, you helped make him so as he found too often there was hell to pay to go against you…you have created fear in him…you willnot understand mdm superior …repsect is your lesson…is what your mtoehr tries to tell you and all she represents to you…you failed to respect her position how can you expect your son to repsect you when your karma has been one of disrespect..learn the less on so we can all get another frequncy from ya! simple. Learnt eh lesson of repsect for others and their boundaries recognize the sacred in all of us, and repsect it.