Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crack Train

Today I'm going to write about my Mommy and how she was hit by a cyclist yesterday.

Lets Start.

Yesterday my mommy and I awoke at and hugged.

Then we both ate our fruit salad... while my mommy was eating her strawberries and banana's, I asked her if I could go to the park to play and she said "Sure, why not?", and we both walked out to the side of the house,where my mommy was going to suntan for 1hr, while I walked to the park to play before we biking to the Income Tax office.

My mommy asked me to take her old Yellow bike and fill the tires up with air.

I took my Mommy's bike, walked it to the Esso station and filled the bike up with air, only to find out that her bike had a flat!!! Darn!

Anyways, I walked thbike home and told my mommy I was ready to leave for the park.
She said "Fantastic" and I ran off into the sunshine.

1hr later

When I arrived home, I was late by 15 mins and my Mommy was very upset because she thought that i didn't care about going for a bike ride with her...

I said to her that I love going for bike rides, and then we went down to the basement and I found out that my Bike had a flat and there was glass in it!

So I couldn't go with my Mommy on her bike ride.
Then My Mommy got soo upset because she thought that I had sabotaged my bike so that I wouldn't have to go on a bike ride with her!
Then My Mommy took off and left me without any keys.
Instead of going home, I went to the river 5 times, walking from my home to the river, and then I played with Charlie (my 8year old friend from #2)
for along time and then when it was close to 11:20pm my mommy came home and told me that she was hit by some crazy cyclist that was speeding what seemed like 90 mph, carrying 3 garbage bags of empty pop and beer cans that hit her in the head and knocked her down onto her left knee, onto the pavement.
After being hit and not being able to move her leg, she started crying and this really nice woman did some healing touch on her and healed her enough so that after 30 minutes, my Mommy had no bruising and could get off the ground.
Then she also paid for my Mommy's cab to get home


Anyways, when she told me this, I just hugged her and showed her that I love her with all my might.

We continued to put ice on the back of her knee and spread on Traumeel, to take away and bruising and swelling. My Mommy was in soo much pain.

She called Ken (her friend from the Marpole Community Centre) and told him what happened..
My Mommy thinks that the crazy cyclist must be one more addict who is trying to pay for his habit and doesn't see anything or anyone else in front of him.

I bet its true!


  1. Thank you, brilliant boy wonder-kind of magial mine.

    Already, due to your love and care, I am healing, after a mere few days; after sprained ligaments, with some internal bruising and hematoma.

    With regular drops of Bach's Flower Rescue Remedy, applications of anrnica,plenty of ice, healing baths, and positive affirmations, what worked mostly in my healing home help-line .. was, is and always will be - brave and beautfiul YOU!!!

    1. Wow - doll!

      What a gossipy goup of tortured terrorists . stopping your from wiring out your healing onlne journals.

      All the better.
      Save for it for those .. who deserve and honor you.

      Thank you for being such an incedibley rich and vital - not to mention; brave - soul!!!

      I am sorry that having a so called; "public figure' of a magial mom - has cost you any duress.. at all.

      Such a learning curve ..

      By the onderful way .. i adore your spontaneoiusly written love ode's of a blog, beautiful boy!

      And, even though those nasty trolls, by the reams .. did not rest until they revved their racaus enjines to interupt our sweet soul's slumber .. we will re-unite and re-invent.

      Where ever went - we need not return to their dungoin of their own ill-repair.

      so there...

      Wheeeee - what fun we once did .. and shall, again - have.

      And, grace .. goes out to Jeanne and all those others who do the opposite of smother .. their non-entity other.

      May the one day find themselves to be as true to their own child's 'first love,' as i do my utmost - in this human foibled form - to so bravely and boldly .. be.


  2. this whole blog is a forgery, and you're a crazy cunt. That kid is gonna be great, and it'll be not because of you, but in spite of you. i hope he disowns your crazy fucking ass.

  3. This is fucking horrifying, she forges an article in her sons name then comments on it as herself? I'm starting to shift from rage to terror when it comes to this cunt, It scares the shit out of me that a child is in your care. Enjoy eating your fruit with him while you can, I'm sure CPS will put an end to this insanity soon.

  4. I don't know what to say. Something needs to be done. It's completely obvious and unanimous that everything about your living situation is wrong. You don't need to be evicted, you need to be separated. Really, someone needs to report you to the authorities. The youtube videos are evidence enough that you engage in inappropriate relations with your son. These videos are those chilling "why didn't we see it coming" home videos that will be aired on dateline about this story. Really horrifying.

    Please stop doing this to your son, if you have any decency. If you really love him. Can't you see this is wrong?

  5. Having your mom get upset because you're 15 minutes late and then accusing you of sabotaging the bike is extremely selfish and wrong. And then to be left for hours with no keys because their feelings were hurt is also very selfish and very wrong. Kailen, I'm so sorry you've had to live in the shadow of your mother all these years. It must be exhausting to try and keep her happy. One day, though, ( hopefully sooner than later) you will see that your life is your own, and it's not all about your mom's feelings and needs.
    You're an amazing artist, by the way. Your tshirts are awesome! Good luck with everything:)

  6. No silly, that was Kaelin…he has learned long ago HOW TO GET ALONG WITHHIS INSECURE MOTEHR BY SAYING PNLY PSOITIVE THINGS TO HER AND ABOUT HER. YES it si getting tedious for him when she does something he considers wrong…and he still has to callher his "amazing mommy"…but well that is a small price to pay …thisis kaelin and yes..when kaelin does not want to bicucle his tires get holes in them, hers might, its all accidentlal you see, but she refeuses to allow him his own ideas..his own direction..she is too too dominating and thisis how he deals with her…its is also funny if anyone here just stops and reads kaelins writing between the lines..he is stating verbatim what happened but it is also funny. Kaelin people do not realize that your whole life is that you are such a wonderful child…who could have asked for better…just your mom is always the child and you needed an adult grwoing up…you are fine…trust, the universe will provide…just stay your funny self…do not get angry and plug your ears when Katherine is being mean or ranting..thisis not your energy..its hers! learn to know the difference and do not let it overcome you…learn how to get rid of her energy if she rants..go to the river, say prayers, meditate, nature will take it off you…you are love.

  7. by the way I will happily make a room for you here when you need some space…you know where we are…

  8. I'm twelve and what is this?

    Spoopy Creepypasta?