Friday, September 10, 2010

My Mommys Mommy

Today I am going to write about my amazing mommys mommy.

Thelma Townsend Marion died in A hospital bed.

My mommy still mourns her and will never get over her, not that she is supposed to.

I love my mommy with all of my heart and soul and I thank the world that she is always there for me, no matter what.

I love all of the incredible things and work that she does.

If i could fix any thing in my life, it would be to have the MCFD run away from us, like we were professional lawyers!
(or that I had a nuclear bomb on stand-by, just waiting ...)

That would be the life...!
I feel that My mommys life would be the best there could be if only her mom didn't die and she lived with us.
I Love You mommy!


  1. A nuke? Mentally stable, there, Katherine.

  2. The mcf did nothing to help not then…they are a bunch of KKK or klueless klans of klutzes…when did they ever help..he is angry at them..they caused so much anxiety in their lives..they placed Kaelin with a GAY male couple--( are they saying Kaelin is gay?) he was only 8 years old. Christ how stupid can this organization of bachelor degrees be--how ignorant? Jesus. He hates them and for good reason. His mother had frightenend him, telling him to run, hide, an 8 year old this beomes fixated in his ignorant they are/were. This organization needs to be disbanded..our attorney general =drag queen needs to come pout of the closet…leave raising the kids up to a group of PHD psyshcologists and send them all to one big place where the kids stay till they are 18..and they are well well cared for by community and social workers and vounteers under the direction of Phd psychologists and not the drag queen attorney general …jesus they are creating an industry using our little lambs…we do not know these "foster families" why should we send our little "lambs" to these starangers houses? Who really knows them? we know what they did to the children in the residential schools…they are still closet haters giving homes to very dependant babies…this attorney general babysitting is just wrong..they do not know what the hell they are doing the MCF---klan of klutzes without a klue…klueless. a gang. bad. have hurt many chidlren with attachment disorders due tothey being men, nazi mentality and ignorant on family chidlren egtc…leve the kids inthe care of phd psychologists and create a new model…get the kids out of patriarchal court where they are fed on.

  3. The day after my own Amazing Mommy's birthday and I find this .. gem.

    Thank you, gorgeous soul who made my happy heart healed and whole, for your lasting gratitude and goddess-sent gifts.

    Baby K - forever - I would say!

    Bless you for being real!

    I love you, forever K2

    Your "Amazing Mommy" always