Friday, September 24, 2010

Arbitration Hearing

This is a copy of the reasons (lies) that we are being evicted from our home, because of some jealous neighbour's!

As written in documents that our smiling snake of a landlord dropped off at our door, yesterday.

-1. "My son C. was taken on two different occasions, without my consent, by Katherine Marion my neighbour.

C. was allowed to play for one hour with the son of Katherine.
Both times, my son was not returned to me until 0200.

The second time this happened I had to call the police and file a 'missing child report."

Katherine had taken my son downtown Vancouver on a bike on one of these occasions. I was able to get her cell number and call, when I did call they were downtown. The second time this happened, she did not have her cell phone on. I left a note at her door to return C., however she disregarded this note.These situations have caused a lot of stress and trauma for myself, and I feel my Sons safety is stake."

Now, in my very own words, first of all, we once did go bike downtown, because C. had told us that M. was sleeping at 5:00 p.m and we did not want to leave him alone, like he is usually is, because he is only 8!

Another unbelievable excerpt:

-4." My babysitter told me that Kaelin (Ms. Marion's son) taught C. how to make a bomb(?) with the flint portion of the matches.

This was not long after the garbage bins outside in back of the apartment were set on fire, causing a lot of concern for every ones safety. "

Kaelin replying - I'm over here: Why would I teach a 8 year old how to make a bomb, even if I knew how ?

Once M. even went through my pants, when they were about to be put in the washer, and supposedly found a pack of matches and claimed that I, completely angel- like kid, had set fire to some garbage bin. What's she doing going though my clothing, anyway?

And, there is even more from the gamers that live downstairs and stay up all night. Our landlord says they are going to university, but I wonder ... ?

*"Constantly forgetting her keys in her apartment and shouting upstairs at her son to let him or throw down the keys."

*"When calling to her son, makes a bird call noise.This happens minimum once a day."

*"These bird calls and instances of forgetting her keys occur anywhere from 7 am to 2 am, typically occurring directly outside my bedroom window."

*"Prior to a meeting with the landlord in July, would play music loudly past midnight. More often than not, the same CD would play on repeat until past midnight."

*"Once played "Stairway to Heaven" on repeat for eight and a half hours (approximately 60 times consecutively)."

*"admitted in meeting with landlord that she often would leave the music on while leaving the apartment for bike rides or shopping trips"

*"Would throw water out her window facing the front lawn. This water would hit the window below (my window)."

*"Threw a yellow-brown viscous substance (claimed it was a banana smoothie/puree) out her window. Substance stuck to window, staining it."

*"Upon request to clean the window, she claimed she would and then did not clean it for several (more than two) months. Ignored several notes tapes to the window requesting it to be cleaned and not only ignored it, but put a video in YouTube mocking the situation."

*"Spent nearly every day during the summer sunbathing out on the front lawn. Would spend the time either listening to music or talking to people who walk by, often for hours on end and always in a monotone voice that made sitting in my living room unbearable."

*"Her attitude made entering the building from the front door while she sunbathed extremely uncomfortable."

*"Completely ignores personal boundaries and disrespects others. Approaching her about any of these problems resulted in hostile behaviour and discouraged any interaction with her.

This bit is from S.S., our landlord.

-{"Dear Mr. or Madam Arbitrator,

My name is S.S. I am the Landlord of ************** in Vancouver where Ms. Katherine Marion and her son, Kaelin presently reside.

On July 27th, 2010, I've served the eviction notice to Ms. Marion due to numerous complaints from several tenants.

In addition to the complaints from Ms. M.T. and Mr. R.M.,I've noticed that Ms. Marion and her Son, Kaelin repeatedly leave the outside door unlocked regardless if numerous warnings. There is also a suggestion from a tenant that a fire was set at a garbage site by them. The tenants' security and safety are the most important and priority issues.

Furthermore, another tenants Mr. J.B. and Mrs. M.B. moved out from our building early this year due to a disaccord with Ms. Marion. Mr. and Mrs. B. felt their safety and livelihood were in danger because of Ms. Marion. There is no proof but Mr. and Mrs. B. felt that Ms. Marion sent them two anonymous threatening letters.

These are my submission in regards ti the eviction of Ms.Katherine Marion.

Kind regards, S.S.

From Kaelin-

I just wanted to let everybody know that we have to deal with these dumb people.

By the way, last names were erased to protect the not so innocent!

"Liar Liar Pants On Fire."... is all i have to say.

I hope winter comes and freezes their lying ******** along with the rest of them!




Friday, September 17, 2010

Kits Gym

Today, this is one amazing day with my amazing mommy and our life in our amazing home.
When we awoke, I hugged my mommy with all of my might and then i got ready to go out side and play with some of my friends at the park.
Before I had put on my shoes, my mommys friend Larry called and my mommy started talking to him so i got onto the computer and started watching some national geographic and then I looked up cob houses and I found a whole bunch of really interesting houses!
Now my mommy is blending some great food up for us to eat while i type this blog.
After this, I'm going to walk my mommy halfway to kits gym and then I'm going to come home and upload some more videos.
Here is my amazing mommys YouTube channel

you will love it!



Friday, September 10, 2010

My Mommys Mommy

Today I am going to write about my amazing mommys mommy.

Thelma Townsend Marion died in A hospital bed.

My mommy still mourns her and will never get over her, not that she is supposed to.

I love my mommy with all of my heart and soul and I thank the world that she is always there for me, no matter what.

I love all of the incredible things and work that she does.

If i could fix any thing in my life, it would be to have the MCFD run away from us, like we were professional lawyers!
(or that I had a nuclear bomb on stand-by, just waiting ...)

That would be the life...!
I feel that My mommys life would be the best there could be if only her mom didn't die and she lived with us.
I Love You mommy!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crack Train

Today I'm going to write about my Mommy and how she was hit by a cyclist yesterday.

Lets Start.

Yesterday my mommy and I awoke at and hugged.

Then we both ate our fruit salad... while my mommy was eating her strawberries and banana's, I asked her if I could go to the park to play and she said "Sure, why not?", and we both walked out to the side of the house,where my mommy was going to suntan for 1hr, while I walked to the park to play before we biking to the Income Tax office.

My mommy asked me to take her old Yellow bike and fill the tires up with air.

I took my Mommy's bike, walked it to the Esso station and filled the bike up with air, only to find out that her bike had a flat!!! Darn!

Anyways, I walked thbike home and told my mommy I was ready to leave for the park.
She said "Fantastic" and I ran off into the sunshine.

1hr later

When I arrived home, I was late by 15 mins and my Mommy was very upset because she thought that i didn't care about going for a bike ride with her...

I said to her that I love going for bike rides, and then we went down to the basement and I found out that my Bike had a flat and there was glass in it!

So I couldn't go with my Mommy on her bike ride.
Then My Mommy got soo upset because she thought that I had sabotaged my bike so that I wouldn't have to go on a bike ride with her!
Then My Mommy took off and left me without any keys.
Instead of going home, I went to the river 5 times, walking from my home to the river, and then I played with Charlie (my 8year old friend from #2)
for along time and then when it was close to 11:20pm my mommy came home and told me that she was hit by some crazy cyclist that was speeding what seemed like 90 mph, carrying 3 garbage bags of empty pop and beer cans that hit her in the head and knocked her down onto her left knee, onto the pavement.
After being hit and not being able to move her leg, she started crying and this really nice woman did some healing touch on her and healed her enough so that after 30 minutes, my Mommy had no bruising and could get off the ground.
Then she also paid for my Mommy's cab to get home


Anyways, when she told me this, I just hugged her and showed her that I love her with all my might.

We continued to put ice on the back of her knee and spread on Traumeel, to take away and bruising and swelling. My Mommy was in soo much pain.

She called Ken (her friend from the Marpole Community Centre) and told him what happened..
My Mommy thinks that the crazy cyclist must be one more addict who is trying to pay for his habit and doesn't see anything or anyone else in front of him.

I bet its true!